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The Kupcake Barr

The Kupcake Barr not only provides you with classic kupcake flavors; i.e. chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, or red velvet, but we go a step further with our specialized kupcake infusions; using top-shelf wines, cognacs, liquors, and champagnes.


Yes, you read it correctly…we infuse our kupcakes and that’s how we stand out from the rest!!! Take a look at the Barr Page for our infused kupcake options. 

Meet The Owner 

     Hi, my name is Keya a self-taught baker born into a lineage of cooks dating back to the early 1900s. I seemingly inherited my gifts by spending years following behind my mother and paternal grandmother as they prepared meals in our kitchen. However, it was my father, a professional chef, and my maternal grandmother, a retired caterer who inspired me to explore the idea of turning my gift into a business. 

        For quite some time, I knew in my heart I wanted to be an entrepreneur and that somehow cooking would be a part of it. I found myself searching along different avenues while I sought God on exactly what I should do.


I would always jump at the opportunity to volunteer my services whenever there was an event at work, church, or a family function. It always gave me great joy in providing different food dishes; and in doing so I would continuously receive positive feedback from the people who partook of the dishes. 

Then came the day I decided that owning my own bakery was the path I wanted to go. The art of making and creating different designs was just the fuel I needed to ignite this passion in conjunction to the responses I would get from the attractive presentations, the tasty sweets and pleasing aroma associated with desserts, so it was easy for me to decide exactly what I wanted to focus on.

Because God's presence is essential in my life, I knew that it would also be prevalent in my business as well.

Through my journey to small business ownership, I have learned that one can’t put God in a box.  And in realizing so, I wanted to develop a niche and think creatively or "outside of the box," which is how our name “The Kupcake Barr” was established. 

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